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Prof. Cláudio

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Learn Brazilian Portuguese and improve your conversation skills from the comfort of your home. A stable internet connection and a distraction-free environment is all you need to start. Private lessons via Skype or Hangouts, with a focus on conversation and proper pronunciation.

Lessons are informal, but follow a methodology that makes you grow your vocabulary and fix your pronunciation each week.
Some of the techiniques I use are the prepared conversation and the focused reading. 

In prepared conversation, I will ask that you prepare yourself to tell me your views on a previously selected material, be it a YouTube video, a TED talk, or even an event you took part in. The material is chosen by you and me, and should serve as the basis for your effort to develop fluency with the help of previously acquired vocabulary. This will help you gradually but steadily develop your speaking skills, and, most importantly, your confidence.

As for the focused reading, I will also ask you to read paragraphs of a good prose written in Portuguese, as a way to help you develop your vocabulary and overall grammar skills, by focusing each time in one element, be it a pronunciation pattern, the use of prepositions, or subjct-verb agreements. Each paragraph we read will serve as a container for many expressions and phrase chunks that can and should be used in many other situations. 

These and other techniques I use are specially geared toward individual one-on-one classes, and should help us make the best of our time together, while hopefully giving you the necessary stimulus to better your Portuguese language performance week after week.


From the Comfort of your Home or Work

You take lessons from the comfort of your home, using a desktop computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone. All you need is a stable internet connection and an environment that is distraction-free during the lessons.


Focus on the Difficulties of Each Student

I follow the Dogme ELT methodology (but without any dogmas!) In a few words, this methodology means a lesser focus on learning materials and a greater one on the difficulties, abilities, and goals of each student.

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